About Us

Who Are We?

We are parents, nutritionists, scientists, doctors, and all-around health nuts who came together to develop the world’s best all natural, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement that would be easy and tasty enough so that everyone—including kids—could enjoy the benefits of better health and wellness.*

We Made it Whole: 

When we say comprehensive, we mean it. All the vitamins and nutrients your body needs are packed into each serving of VoloVitamins.


We Made it Easy: 

Volo goes wherever you do. Just tear open a Volopak, pour into a glass of water, and let the gentle fizz go to work. It dissolves fast, which means it’s absorbed quickly and completely by your body.


We Made it Delicious: 

The seventeen different fruits in our proprietary blend make Volo delicious even to the discerning palettes of our youngest customers, with no added sugar and no artificial flavors.

We Made it Good: 

Pouring Volo into a reusable water bottle or glass keeps harmful plastics out of landfills. Our packaging reduces our impact on the earth and helps you do the same.

Made in USA

We Made it for You:

A few seconds is all it takes to give your body the nutrients it needs. 
And, vitamins are better absorbed by your body when you drink them dissolved in water.
Why not do something good for yourself?


Volo Vitamins   Mission Statement

Volo provides healthy, All-Natural, No sugar, premium comprehensive nutrients & supplements for adults & children (with energy products), made in the USA, which are in powdered or effervescent tablet form (which dissolve in water or juice) to make a vitamin beverage, in a re-usable container which reduces plastic waste. 

Volo Vitamins is an industry leader in marketing & and distributing innovative branded, healthy and natural, powdered energy & vitamin drinks.  All Volo Vitamin Products are manufactured to the highest standards right here in the USA and backed by uncompromising customer service.

Unique Selling Points:

All Natural

No Sugar

Formulated by Pediatricians / Medical Doctors

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Soy,  No Dairy

No Nuts (of any kind)

Sweetened with a blend of 17 different fruits

No Calories (Volo Kids) or less than 5/10 calories

On the go convenience – travels well & airport security friendly

Tastes Great

Made in the USA

Gluten Free

No Fat / 0 calories from Fat

Vitamins are better absorbed into the body when you drink them!

VoloPaks provide vitamins that are more fresh, since they are individually sealed.

Instead of grinding up pill vitamins after Gastric or Bariatric surgery; Doctors suggest powdered vitamins!

Less plastic waste! (saves 30 plastic ‘water vitamin’ type thick bottles – per box)

Made in a cGMP facility w/ and NSF CGMP certification; FDA compliant!  Made according to FDA guidelines!